Su:m37 releases new luxury line



One of my favourite cosmetic brand ever, Su:m37 will be releasing a new luxury line called the Su:m37 Flawless Regenerating line.




The line consists of :

1. Su:m37 Flawless Regenerating Skin

2. Su:m37 Flawless Regenerating Lotion

3. Su:m37 Flawless Regenerating Serum

4. Su:m37 Flawless Regenerating Cream

5. Su:m37 Flawless Regenerating Eye Cream


There are trillions of germs that live on us. What are they? What do they do? Inquiring minds want to know, and so they set to find out. And after five years of research, a group of several hundred scientists has released a census of the bacteria, viruses, fungi, other microorganisms that call our bodies home.

Presented in two papers in the journal Nature and 12 papers in Public Library of Science journals known as PLoS, the researchers found that humans play host to as many as 10,000 different microbial species.Some of the microbes found in healthy people are known to cause nasty illnesses, yet they were peacefully coexisting with an abundance of other beneficial microorganisms in this newly defined human microbiome.

The rule of thumb is that each of us carries around about 10 times as many microbial cells as human cells and that they have about 100 times as many genes as we do. So not only are we outnumbered, we’re outgunned. They’re able to perform a lot of biological functionality that we don’t get to do, necessarily, in our own genome.


To read further information on these, please take a look at these articles : here, here, here


SO WHY are we talking about microbes and not about the new Su:m37 line? Because they have a relationship that cannot be ignored.

Fermentation is the enzymatic decomposition and utililization of foodstuffs, particularly carbohydrates, by microbes. It is a way for a cell to obtain energy without using oxygen. During the process, complex organic substances are broken down into simpler ones. The cell (microbial or animal) obtains energy through glycolysis– the splitting of a sugar molecule to extract its electrons. The by-product of this process is excreted from
the cell in the form of substances such as alcohol, lactic acid, and acetone.


Just like how microbial fermentation in our body happens : this also happens in the process in which Su:m37 is made. Using top fermentation technology, this gives a greater fermented effect. Microorganisms live on our skin, and to produce excellent fermentation skincare, good skin microorganism are researched thoroughly with fermented ingredients to create a fermentation complex.


Introducing the Su:m37 V.O Complex which is optimized for 5 types of skin microorganism. The VO Complex improves skin texture, skin clarity, skin elasticity and it’s excellent effects have been confirmed in clinical trial sessions. You will see a dramatic improvement in just two weeks after using the line. 


The key to Su:m37’s Flawless Regeneration line effectiveness is the use of a unique “lamellar complex technology” .The surface of human skin includes a lamellar structure, therefore this complex is able to absorb deeply into the skin quickly without any trouble due to it’s similar structure to the skin’s lamellar structure. Early reviews of this line by consumers has also remarked on it’s remarkable absorption by the skin.


Are you intrigued by the line already ? I am!

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  1. Multi-lamellar complex technology has been around for a while, and is not new. The Nadree had a line of products based on that concept, Verdun, especially its night balm, and Dr G.(Gowoonsesang) is arguably one of the pioneers in that field as a dermatologist’s brand in South Korea. Su: m 37 probably took that concept and transformed it into something more cosmetic and primed towards a luxury market. The prices are also rather ‘beautiful’ lol….

  2. This sounds so incredibly futuristic.. I mean, yeah, microbiology and so are advancing – but coming to our cosmetic shelves.. definately gives more hope..

  3. This sounds so interesting ! (being a science student and all). Im actually planning to get the 230ml of the secret programming essence! I cant wait!

    On a side note I cant STAND natto -.-

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