Sum37 releases an essence for anytime,anywhere and always!



LG’s Su:m 37 will be releasing a new serum called the Sum 37 A-Time Essence 숨37 A-time 에센스.






The concept of this essence is like a mist. Instead of using mist to freshen up, you can use the Sum 37 A-Time Essence which can be used Anytime, Anywhere and Always ( therefore named the A-Time Essence! ). The essence can be used when your skin is feeling dry and tired. It provides instant hydration and nutrition to the skin.


The video below sums up the use of this essence. Enjoy!

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  1. I never was a big fan of those mists, because they end up getting used really fast, and yet do little more beyond what an Evian vaporisateur spray does. Yet, that aside, Su:m37 is really a great brand. Their Skin Resetting line is very suitable for combination skin and summer, and even in the fall, I would say that I can use it still. Too bad I left mine back home before I flew off for my job here in Japan! Japan now started selling Su:m online but the prices are just ridiculously expensive and even comparable to prices online on American websites, with the high yen-USD exchange rate.

  2. this essence is sold for 38,000 wons. i expected it to be retailed at a higher price considering it’s sum!

  3. I imagine that the relatively cheaper price for this product has to do with it being a facial mist-type of essence. The mists for such luxury brands tend to be generally priced at this range of 30,000 to 40,000 won.

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