Su:m 37 2011 Best Sellers



Here are the best sellers of Sum37 best sellers this year :


No. 1 : Sum37 Secret Programming Essence

No surprise here. The Secret Programming Essence is the best seller every year without fail and their Star Product in every sense.


No. 2 : Sum37 White Award Detox Mask

At No.2, this mask has a good following too and is a fan-favourite. I’ve used this personally and i love it too! However, it has many competition lately namely the Chosungah Raw Black Bubble Mask, OHUI White Extreme Bubble Mask, the Re:Nk White Detox Mask ,etc. Surprisingly, it was the Re:Nk White Detox Mask who won Best Whitening Mask of 2011 at the Allure Beauty Awards instead of this.


No. 3 : Sum37 Water Full Timeless Cream

This isn’t a surprise as well as the Su:m37 Waterfull line is a loved-by-many line and has had rave reviews from anyone who has used it.


No. 4 : Sum37 Sun Away Baked Essence

This was a best-seller during summer and received good response from consumers. It is in fact a sunblock in a pact form. This was also my sunblock during summer. It was really good and a great alternative to the normal cream sunblocks.


No. 5 : Su:m37 Air Rising Dazzling Base

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  1. I am surprised that the Skin Resetting line was not within the list. The line is by far superior to some of the other products such as the Waterfull line, and actually after having tried the samples for both, I would still say that the Skin Resetting line has an appeal for combination skin even in the 30′s age range.

  2. for me, i prefer the waterfull line to the time reset though i love both. the time reset cream would probably be too rich for those with combi skin in my opinion!

  3. I actually liked the texture of the Skin Resetting cream better than the Waterfull cream. It is better for sensitive skin in most cases, while the Waterfull cream does not seem to be able to hydrate enough compared to the Resetting cream for me.

  4. I ma with hope and joseibi on this one. Time reset cream was too rich even for my dehydrated skin. It gave me milia on the forehead, so not so sure about those with sensitive skin. The white series also were a bit “meh”. And the waterful line is great for my skin. I tried the samples and had to purchase the full size as I have never experienced such glow. The sales person at “too cool for school” when I was trying their Bb crreams told me that I don’t even need a foundation with such a great skin. It was all due to the waterful cream which I put in the morning. Now I am on Hyosiah as it is indeed a bit more rich and therefore more suitable for winter, but in summer I plan to return to the waterful for sure.

  5. The Waterful line makes my skin soooooooo smooth and glowy. Have no idea what actives are doing the miracles but sure am glad!

  6. That’s the problem for me. It does not seem to work in the fall or winter here in Japan. In fact, at a drugstore counter, the lady did a test of my moisture level on my skin and said that it was 28.3, meaning that it was dry or dehydrated.

  7. One of the active extracts is bamboo extract, along with sugar or honey which adds to the moisture retention ability of the products.

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