LG’s Su:m 37 upgrades Waterfull cream




A while back, we gave you guys heads up on the new product off the Su:m 37 Waterfull line called the Su:m 37 Waterfull Timeless Water Gel Cream ( 워터-풀 타임리스 워터 젤 크림 ).

Please note that the existing S:um 37 Water-full Timeless Moisturizing Cream has also been upgraded!

Those of you who loved the Water-full line but found the cream a little too rich, great chance to try out the Gel cream which is lighter in texture and suitable for those with oily combination skin! Smile 

The Water-full line protects the moisture level of the skin even in environments where skin can easily get dry and prevent against skin aging by using Bamboo sap and Su:m 37’s special fermentation process.

We’ve found some photos online to compare both the creams :


To try the new gel cream , click here .


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  1. The texture does look it’s much lighter. I actually had and tried the old version last year. it was sort sticky, didn’t absorbed in to my skin right away, it felt it was sitting on top of my skin. However, I absolutely loved the Skin Reviving Cream from their Losec Line (probably because it was more appropriate for my old & sagging skin?)
    anyway, i will get the samples from G Market after I go through my Ubber amount of samples at home

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