Sulwhasoo releases $630 cream




I was waiting for a Sulwhasoo version of the History Of Whoo’s Hwanyu Cream… and now it’s here. Yeah, i am waiting but i’m never ever going to afford it anyway! Lol. Introducing the Sulwhasoo Harmonizen Regenerating Cream. This cream is not yet updated on the official Sulwhasoo site, and apparently for VIPs only at the moment and has already managed to gain popularity in Korea!  However, compared to Su:m37’s $1000 cream, this is a lot cheaper! Lol!


So…. this cream has already won an award, not a beauty one, but a packaging one! Check out the article written on it below :




I have to admit the packaging does look more like Whoo’s packaging compared to the traditional Sulwhasoo packaging. This cream will be retailed at 650,000 wons for 60ml ! The cream is a total care product which has anti-aging, anti wrinkles, skin rejuvinating as well as whitening properties. As expected, it will be rich in oriental herbal concentration as well as ginseng saponins. The cream also comes with a massage tool!


So who’s interested in this cream? It’s limited edition which means you can only purchase it in South Korea at the moment and i think it is exclusively only available at Lotte. So if you’re interested in this – swing by the Lotte Sulwhasoo counter and ask them! No information yet if this cream will be produced in mass amounts due to limited resources and ingredient scarcity as well as to uphold their prestigious limited appeal Winking smile

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