New Make-up products for Sulwhasoo’s Refining Line



Introducing 3 new products from Sulwhasoo’s Extra Refining Line.

1) Extra Refining Radiance Makeup Base

A premium Korean herbal medicinal makeup base that fills in the skin for smooth, vibrant appearance.

  • Capacity : 30ml

1) Red Pine¹, grown in an unpolluted island located near the west coast of Korea and The concentrate of germnated Five Fruits and Seeds² protect and revitalize skin youth factors to fill in the skin for firm, translucent looks.

2) Network texture designed for the curves of the face smoothens and lifts the skin surface, while Radiance Complex, consisting of three-colored jewels, brightens dull face tone for shiny, glowing skin.

2) Extra Refining Radiance Foundation

A premium Korean herbal medicinal foundation that delivers Extra Refining Line’s unique vitality to deep inside the skin for supple, energized glow.

  • Capacity : 30ml

1) Extra Refining Oil Complex¹ prevent skin damage and bring refined glow from deep inside for naturally healthy looks.

2) The supple jelly-like texture blocks moisture evaporation from the lipid layer and applies lightly and smoothly for deep nourishment and long-lasting suppleness and glow.

3)Extra Refining Radiance Power Foundation

A premium Korean herbal medicinal powder foundation that restores the smooth and clear glow of youth for glamorously shining looks.

  • Capacity : 13.5g

1) Extra Refining Line’s Radiance Powder, formulated to achieve the light reflection rate for smooth, shiny skin, restores the glow of youth for silky and glamorously glowing appearance.

2) Extra Refining Powder has clear and finer particles that are refined in water to attach to skin for the ultimate coverage that creates natural looks.

So anyone here that has tried these products to give us an update?

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  1. i like to know how much for the extra refining radiance foundation? and how to order?
    This is best products I have ever used.

  2. hi mai,

    you can order it from Gmarket, Ebay, or any Sulwhasoo retailers online such as,, etc!

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