More New Sulwhasoo Products !

More exciting new products announced from Sulwhasoo…  anyone excited?

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Sulwhasoo has released a few new products in Korea this year, however it has only been recently updated on the International site.

First off, we have the

1)  Snowise eye brightener (6ml)

A triple-action Korean medicinal eye brightener that energizes fatigued eyes and instantly brightens them. Contains SPF 35, PA ++

White Ginseng Polysaccharides, Hedyotis Diffusa, and Indian Bread extracts revitalize fatigued eyes and treat skin circulation and blood circulation for brighter, clearer eyes.

Photo-mineral ingredients that optically reflect light instantly brightens the eye area for glowing face.

2) Snowise Pact ( 9g )

A Korean herbal medicinal pact that protects skin from light and heat for glowing skin tone. (SPF42,PA+++)

White Ginseng Polysaccharides ,Hedyotis Diffusa ,and Indian Bread extracts revitalize dull skin damaged by light and heat and treat skin circulation and blood circulation for a clear and bright complexion.

Color Changing Powder evens out the skin tone and clear powder particles form a thin film on the skin for clean and bright skin tone.

Comes in 2 shades – Natural Color and Bright Color

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0 thoughts on “More New Sulwhasoo Products !”

  1. Hello,

    Has anyone used this eye brightener before? How does it compare to a concealer?

    Sulwhasoo Snowise has a new bb base, has anyone tried it yet? Do you need to use the bb base with their snowise pact?


  2. hi, we are using it right now and its really good. really brightens up ! it also contains beneficial ingredients in it compared to a concealer.

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