THe Sulwhasoo Snowise Eye Brightener















As usual, Sulwhasoo’s packaging is very classy. Since this is from the whitening Snowise line, its focus is on the colour white. and features a very Chinese oriental art on it’s box.



The pen’s packaging is very much like the infamous YSL Touche Eclat, even the concept of the product is very much alike. I stress that they are NOT concealers, but they are eye brighteners/highlighters.. which means they have photo-optics that helps reflect light to give your skin a glow and make under eye circles/ wrinkles/ crow feet/ etc less visible.




The pen is about 14cm in length, and it convenient to bring around since it’s light and not bulky!



Manufactured date on the tip of the pen :


Click activates the release of brightener to the pen brush.



The only thing i have complains about it the brush. It’s very soft and very comfortable when you brush it on your eyes, but the thing is that it traps dust very easily too and after a few uses, you’ll see dust trapped in them. So if you’re using it beware that your fingers are dust-free, and your eye area, or everything will just stick to the brush and it can be pretty unhygienic. Don’t know if you notice it, but my brush is getting pretty dirty already.



Another thing is that i found the brush rather useless other than to sweep the product off on your eye contour. After brushing and brushing over and over trying to get the highlighter to settle into the skin, it just doesn’t work. So you will definitely have to use your fingers at the end to pat on it, rub it along the eye contour, so that it doesn’t appear obvious and cakey.






The brightener only comes in 1 shade.



I would say it’s very white light pinkish, and don’t expect the shade of a BB Cream/concealer. The colour shown on the official website ( photo below ) doesn’t really look that way in reality.




I love the shade, as it instantly brightens up the whole eye area.


Here is what it looks like.



Love how it brightens up the skin :









While having pretty much the same concept with the YSL Touche Eclat, the Sulwhasoo Eye Brightener is superior in many ways. First off, it has an SPF 35, PA++ – and i’ve hardly ever seen an eye brightener or even concealer that has a protection this high. Second off, the ingredient list is also far superior than the YSL Touche Eclat. They both are also sold at about the same price – so it’s pretty easy to pick which one to purchase.



Here is a comparison of both ingredient list.



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  1. I have this product and while I really like it, it shows up in photographs (when I’m drinking and looking all flushed) – so I looked like a reverse panda –;

    Other than that I quite liked this.

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