Suiskin releases AquaQuench line


Suiskin introduced their first item off their newly released AquaQuech line a few months ago. Now they have released the entire line which will consist of 5 products :


The Aqualine will contain high concentration of Vitamin B3 ( niacinamide ), deep ocean water which is rich in minerals. It has a non greasy formula which provides intensive continuous hydration, helps even out skin tone, enhance appearance of skin’s surface and is pH balanced to maximize hydration.




1. AquaQuench Total Moisturizer 아쿠아퀀치 토탈 모이스춰라이저


The first product that was released months before the entire line. Soothing & Hydrating Concentrate. Maintains optimal hydration levels and regenerating cellular function.



2. Suiskin AquaQuench Mystic Mask 아쿠아퀀치 미스틱 마스크 팩


3. Suiskin Aqua Quench Booster 아쿠아퀀치 이오나이즈드 부스터


4. Suiskin Aqua Quench Intensive Serum 아쿠아퀀치 인텐시브 세럼


5. Suiskin Aqua Quench Cream 아쿠아퀀치 포티파이어 크림


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  1. Ahhh finally! The Quenched Moisturizer is on my wishlist on GMarket and I was searching for the other products. I didn’t know they weren’t released yet.
    I want the cream too!

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