Suiskin Promotions ( only limited time! )





Suiskin is having a promotion on Gmarket at the moment. A good time to try their items! Click on the photos to be directed to their Gmarket page.


Suiskin Promotions ( only limited time! )



1. Suiskin Enzyme Powder Wash


This is Suiskin’s Best Seller which is very gentle but does an amazing job thanks to the enzymes which cleanses the skin and pores.



Suiskin Promotions ( only limited time! )



2. Suiskin Daily Defense Sunblock SPF50



Probably the best deal currently. It’s a buy 1 free 1 ! On top of it, there is also a discount of about 6,500 wons, making 1 sunscreen costing about only 15,000 wons! It is a sunscreen, anti-aging and whitening product ( Coenzyme Q10, Acetyl hexapeptidee-8, collagen, vitamin E, palmitoyl pentapentide, etc). It claims to last for 12 hours, water proof and sand proof.




Suiskin Promotions ( only limited time! )


3. Suiskin AquaQuench Total Moisturizer



With a purchase of the newly released Aquaquench, Suiskin will give a full size Deep Hydrating Aqua Serum for FREE!




Suiskin Promotions ( only limited time! )


4. Suiskin Potency Pore Eraser



With a purchase of Suiskin Potency Pore Eraser, Suiskin will be giving away a FREE full size.




Suiskin Promotions ( only limited time! )


5. Suiskin Biological Fermenta Panacea Program


This is my favourite Suiskin product – especially the Panacea Skin Essence. There is currently a 10,000 wons discount for the set ( grand total = 45,920 ). Note that if you purchase separately. Please click the two ads on the sidebar Smile 




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