Introducing Brands : Suiskin


Suiskin is a brand we have discovered quite some time on Gmarket. We also have bought a few of it’s products and we loved all of them so much that we are going to try other products in their brand as well.

Find out more on this faaaaantastic brand

Launched on the August of 2009, Suiskin is a joint-project between the La Clinique de Switzerland, Zurich and Korea’s Universal Cosmetic (of the Media Spa Group) which houses other Korean brands such as Cell Fusion C . Combining Korea’s top nano-technology application of skincare products with La Clinique de Switzerland’s formulation, science , and the natural resources of Switzerland and Germany’s Skin Lipid Barrier Technology owned by KUHS  Gmbh–  Suiskin was born.

Artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, mineral oil, PEG, fragrances, skin irritants such as artificial coloring were excluded Suiskin’s products ingredients.

Brand Concept


Suiskin focuses on the philosophy of Nano Technology and the Skin Lipid Barrier Technology.

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  1. Thanks! And correctly priced too!

    If u are buying some stuff off Gmarket, try and get some stuff of this brand !

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