Sooryehan releases anti-aging line for the 30’s




Sooryehan has finally released a new line called the Sooryehan Choyun line 수려한 초윤 금잔화 and finally a proper oriental skincare line for women in their 20s-30s experiencing skin imbalance and early anti-aging. .


Before full fledged skin aging starts, the skin sends out the signals that is is changing during the initial stage in the form of subtle skin change. Subtle changes such as feeling the dryness on the skin, etc. Sooryehan Choyun is an Asian oriental herb cosmetic product in which Asian medicinal herb’s vitalizing substances protect skin’s initial signals, and addressing changes in the skin to keep it elastic and healthy.


This line is also oil-free and contains oriental herbs to cater for women around their late 20s and early 30s when women-like phenomena indicating skin change is the time when the skin’s balance gets disrupted due to internal and external factor. The Sooryehan Choyun completes the shiny and healthy skin of the young looking color by actively coping with the signals indicating skin imbalance by leveraging Asian medicinal herb’s vitalizing substances.




It contains Choyunseangdan which is an Asian medicinal complex extracted using method at low temperature to ensure that the vitalizing substances of four Asian medicinal herbs ( sweet rush, dolwoe, lotus and plantage ) are kept intact as much as possible.


The line consists of 5 products :

1. Sooryehan Choyun Oxalis Essence

First-care serum


2. Sooryehan Choyun Toner

Toner with rich sense of moisture is an Asian medicinal herb toner that offers the condensed feel and that gets absorbed softly into the skin to turn the otherwise dry and roughened texture into smooth and shiny skin. Because this is a re-hydrating toner ( 2nd step after toner ) , it is more effective to spread with your hand palms instead of using cotton balls.

3. Sooryehan Choyun Emulsion


4. Sooryehan Choyun Eye Cream


5. Sooryehan Choyun Calendula Cream

This highly concentrated hydrating cream that contains 2000mg/100g of Calendula extract that turns the skin tone into a healthy and increases elasticity and soothing the skin.

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  1. I know, n the focus of early anti-aging counterpart is really good,,its just that I prefer for my night time regime to have whitening properties (as I probably will use this line at nite )
    thanks hope! do u happen to the pricing too? hehe

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