Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Blemish Balm Cream SPF 30 PA ++


LG’s Sooryehan will be releasing another product off their Hyo Fermentation line called the Hyo Fermented Blemish Balm Cream SPF 30 PA ++.


The BB Cream will also have the patented fermented herbs that is present in all the Hyo Fermentation line.


It comes with a sun protection of SPF 30, PA ++. BB Cream also contains jewel powder which helps brighten uneven skin tone and gives radiant bright skin.

To purchase on Gmarket, search for 수려한 효 발효 비비크림


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0 responses to “Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Blemish Balm Cream SPF 30 PA ++”

  1. Hello.

    You’ve got a very good blog which I have followed for quite some time now. Your blog (and Joseibi’s) heve spoken above the GMarket. I have visited the english site for GMarket but still found it user-UNfriendly.

    May I ask you if you can give me links to GMarket sellers for the following brands: Sooryehan’s Yunha and Yunha Whitening, Sooryehan’s BB cream, su:m37 White Award and O HUI’s White Extreme.

    I live in New York. Granted that I purchase from retailers in both Chinatown and K-town, these stores still don’t carry the full line.

    Questions for you relating to GMarket:
    1. Like the American eBay, do I need to set-up an account?
    2. Do I have to set-up a financial account for payment for these purchase? Paypal?
    3. In general, how long is shipping for most of the sellers?

    When I went online to GMarket and saw the offerings for su:m37, I salivated heavily and dropped my jaw in awe. I love how the sellers are selling full and trialtravel sizes of this products. Perfect for me when I travel a lot and because I get tired of using the same products all the time.

    You also operate a store, don’t you. If you do, do you take special orders with downpayment in advance?

    I’m a beauty addict. ’nuff said.


  2. Hi

    Thanks for visiting. You’ll have to sign up. We’ve done tutorials so just follow it and you’ll manage. You can pay through paypal. Shipping is usually quick, and you’ll be able to receive it in 1 week.

    Sorry we do not operate a store. We’ve also written a post on our favourite Gmarket sellers and how to seach for products on Gmarket!

    We’ve actually written quite a few articles on Sum37 products and sooryehan and we include their korean names at the end of every posts so that users can purchase them on Gmarket by just copy and paste.

    here are some links :

    our favourite gmarket seller :

  3. And we really like that LG’s Sum37 is selling full size trial size products ( like creams in 20ml etc ) instead of having to stick to a cream for 4 months or so!

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