Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Ampoule Testers


For those who wants to try out the new Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Ampoule before purchasing the full size – this is your rare chance.

Here is the description of the product : here

There are only 5 sets left… so click on the photo to be directed to the page.

Sooryehan Bichaek Pure Whitening Ampoule Testers

Please purchase the full size product if you like it. If you purchase from the seller, remember to type in ‘Recommended by .!‘ in the comments section to obtain some free samples.

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  1. this one is the serum, the other one is the toner + emulsion !! they are manufactured by the same company as Whoo which is LG, so they are actually rather similar except sooryehan is cheaper and less luxurious and concentrated than WHoo!

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