Introducing the Sooryehan Bichaek Whitening Line





Here is the full line-up for the LG Sooryehan Bichaek Whitening line in English, and the ingredient list in Korean :



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  1. I have always enjoyed following and reading your blog. I value your opinions here and in others blogs you participate (like Joseibi). One question, what’s the difference between SooRyeHan’s Bichaek and Yunha Whitening? Is Yunha more of a newer line than Bichaek (Pure Whitening), as I was.told? Who is the target for Bichaek and for Yunha? Your views would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks. I’m not too sure what the differences are. but i think Yunha is a lower end line and probably for younger skin? The Bicheak line is newer! It has been upgraded recently, and there are a new few additions to the line including the ampoule, BB Cream, Sun cream, and whitening base!

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