Skinfood releases steam milk line



Skinfood has released a new line – this time it will be based on Steam Milk – called the Skin Food Steam Milk line.


[Steamed Milk Story]
When steamed, milk turns into a mound of microfine bubbles that are sustained with all the benefits milk has, and yet feels silkier and softer to the touch.


The line balances the skin’s oil and moisture to dry skin and also relives skin irritation. The line will host a few products including the :


1. Skinfood Steam Milk Mask Cream

2. Skinfood Steam Milk Essence Mist

3. Skinfood Steam Milk Bubble Mask

4. Skinfood Steam Milk Bubble Toner

5. Skinfood Steam Milk Bubble Essence

6. Skinfood Steam Milk Bubble Emulsion

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