SK-II Introduces whitening spot specialist

SK-II has just recently released their new product called the Whitening Spots Specialist.

This serum not only gets rid of spots on the face caused by UV light damage, but also prevents future spots from forming deep under the skin.

Using the newly patented ingredient called the Spot Root Complex, it also contains the Palm Tree leaf extract , De-melano P3CTM that helps to reduce dark spot and uneven-toned, TalapewhiteTM is a natural herb from Madagascar and Concentrated Pitera TM helps balancing and giving crystal clear skin.

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  1. Its the same as Sulwhasoo’s Snowise Whitening Serum in terms of description, but I honestly don’t like SKII products, they just sit on the skin and is taken over by Western corporations! Sulwhasoo’s whitening line is amazing for giving your skin a glow!!!

  2. Hi rox,

    during my teenage years, sk-II really helped clear up all the post-acne blemishes i hated. it was the spot patch whitening mask thingy and i dont think it exists anymore. sulwhasoo also has a spot patch mask, i’m gonna see if it works !

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