SimplySiti, a malaysian brand made in Korea.. and guess by who?






Being a Malaysian, I’ve hardly tried any local cosmetics and i know that i should also check out the local brands the next time I’m back ! Siti Nurhaliza, probably the most famous Malaysian singer ever in history, is someone i really adore and love and sometimes wish i could sing like her. LOL. She did release her own line of cosmetics few years back which i never had the chance to check it out.


So, i was reading the reviews that day and i found out that SimplySiti cosmetics are actually found in Korea. And incidentally, there was a video online about Siti’s visit to a factory that produces her cosmetics. SimplySiti was plagued by a controversy last year when there was some news that her brushes were made from pig’s hair. But anyway back to the topic… guess who’s producing SimplySiti products? The Youtube video will give you some hints :


Hint #1 : image 


Hint #2 : image



Yes, it’s produced by Hanbul Cosmetics which also produces brands such as It’s Skin, ICS, Escada. So if you like Hanbul cosmetic products – you should definitely check out SimplySiti ! However, i don’t think that you will be getting Hanbul’s most famous product – their snail creams – as i don’t think they are halal according to this site. So i guess if it can’t be eaten, it can’t be applied on the skin? Hmmm.


So has anyone tried SimplySiti cosmetics? Loved it? In all fairness, you know that they quality is there because you have Hanbul as their producer!


Anyway if you have ever wondered how the Hanbul factory looks like, check out the video below :

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  1. I just bought SimplySiti Ultra Moist lipstick – there’s no halal logo and it’s made in Thailand, not Korea! Doyou know if this a new product? It couldn’t be counterfeit, right, as it’s sold all over at Watsons, Sogo, etc…

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