Introducing the rotating/vibrating makeup brushes!




Like I’ve mention earlier, this year is the ‘vibrating’ year in Korean cosmetics – we’ve had vibration foundation/bb machines, vibrating cleansers – and now vibrating makeup brushes! So if you google ‘Vibrating Makeup Brushes’ – all you get is a sex toy. But worry not, this isn’t a sex toy, but a professional makeup brush!


SEP – a makeup artist brand by Enprani Cosmetics – will be releasing their version of the vibrating makeup brushes. This make-up set will consist of 3 products :





1. SEP Designer Spin Brush


This brush doesn’t only vibrate but it also rotates to blend your makeup perfectly. Can be used with your foundations as well as powders. You are able to choose whether to rotate the brush to the left or right. Rotates 240 times per minute. Look at the difference below :




2. SEP Mineral Water Foundation SPF30 PA++

A foundation.


3. SEP Mineral Coverdation SPF30 PA++



For more information and photos/videos of this product, look for 디자이너 스핀 브러쉬 on Google!




The other vibrating makeup brush is the original one – and the first one to be released.




The SonnPark Auto Makeup Brush 손앤박 오토 메이크업 브러쉬 rotates 370 times per minute. Unlike the SEP brushes, this set comes with 3 interchangeable brush heads which can be used for different products that comes with the set ( a blusher, a foundation, and a sun pact ). This set comes with a ‘sponge foundation’ – or better known as a ‘cushion BB’.


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