Scinic upgrades Aqua EX line


SCINIC will be releasing an upgraded version of the Scinic Aqua EX line called the Scinic Aqua EX Steam line 아쿠아 EX 스팀.



The line currently consist of 2 upgraded products called the Scinic Aqua EX Steam Essence Water and the Scinic Aqua Ex Steam Cream 아쿠아 EX 스팀크림. It was named the Scinic Aqua Ex Steam as to describe the effect of steam on your skin – to give it immediate hydration without any stickiness and hydrates your skin throughout the day.



The line uses organically grown Aloe Vera, deep sea water, Jeju Guava Leaf Extracts and honey to form a barrier on the skin to avoid escape of moisture. In addition, it also contains 5 kinds of ECOCERT seed oil complex. In addition, it is free from 5 harsh chemicals ( artificial colouring, parabens, etc )

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