Scinic releasing WHITE VC line





We have recently seen Scinic released in Malaysia, and also are also bringing in Scinic products.

Scinic has recently released their White VC line which consist of three products. This line is a whitening line which gets rid of dark spots at the same time.

1. Scinic White VC Essence Water 화이트VC 에센스 워터 130ml / 25,000 won

This is a serum/essence which works like a mist. All you need to do is spray it on your face like how you would use a toner. Using Arbutin and Vitamin C, the White VC Essence Water keeps skin milky, smooth and white.

2. Scinic White VC Gel Cream 화이트VC 젤 크림 50ml / 27,000 won

The gel cream penetrates into the skin without stickiness and protects the skin from the external environment and UV light. Also contains Vitamin C and Arbutin, as well as other moisturizers to keep skin hydrated.

3. Scinic White VC Ampoules 화이트VC 파우더 앰풀  0.8g x 8ml / 15,000 won

Last but not least, the ampoules which is enriched with Vitamin C powder which will be seperated in order to guard the stability of the Vitamin C. Absorbs rapidly into the skin and brightens it up, getting rid of black spots, blemishes, acne scars, age spots etc.

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