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I’ve been wanting to write this article for weeks and i have been in contact with the people behind Saimdang to gather some information on the brand, and for further partnership.. and a lovely reader,  Nguyen asked for it today, so to repay her kindness for sending me samples from LG’s Belif during her last trip to Korea, i sped up and wrote this article for her. This will be your Christmas present from me! Hehe Smile 


Saimdang is another chinese medicine skincare brand which dates back to 1995, even before the introduction of Sulwhasoo ( though the history of Sulwhasoo dates back even longer to 1960s ). It’s anti-aging line ‘INHYUNJIN’ was awarded the ‘Korea Techonology Competition’ in the cosmetic field in 1006. It has reached sales volume of about 60 million USD in 2009.


Saimdang is a premium chinese herbal medicine cosmetics based on the Chinese medicine theory known also as the ‘黄帝内经’ ( The Inner Canon Of Yellow Emperor ). The brand has two star products : the Saimdang Inhyunjin Ampoule & Saimdang Inhyunjin Yundan Cream.




The different line of Saimdang


1) Saimdang Inhyunjin


Inhyunjin is Saimdang’s premium line and it has won awards. It is built based on the process of the 黄帝内经’ ( The Inner Canon Of Yellow Emperor ) which helps detoxifies bad ‘qi’ and impurities to improve skin-aging. Together with the chinese medicine theory, nanotechnology ( nanosome & nano-emulsion ) & patented ingredients = INHYUNJIN was born.


The INJHYUNJIN line is also the star line of the brand.







Core Ingredients


  • Fermented Yurisu

Fermented Yurisu ( Free Water ) is the fermentation of a few substances such as silver magnolia, coco grass, peony roots, peach seed which are washed, crushed and sterilized. It is fermented for 7 to 10 days then extracted using supersonic extraction.


  • Milky Vetch Root Extracts which is a SAIMDANG patent, and demonstated 35% of wrinkle reduction in 12 weeks.


  • Gu Jeung Po Dan Method – in which 6 medicinal herbs are steamed 9 times then dried 9 times in the time frame of 50 days to that it can be easily absorbed by the skin.


  • Stem Cell Avtivator from vegetables stem cells.


The line consists of : toner, emulsion, eye cream, essence, ampoules ( star product ), cream, yundan cream ( a premium cream and also their star product ) , suncream.


2) Saimdang Saromae






This is considered the basic line of SAIMDANG. However unlike other Chinese medicine brand which has only 1 Basic line, Saimdang has 5 Basic lines which help deals with the different skin time. Each basic line will consist of two specific products : a specific toner and a specific essence according to your skin condition.


  • Saromae Yun Mi Dan ( for dry skin )
  • Saromae Ja Won Dan ( for oily skin )
  • Saromae Jung An Dan ( for sensitive skin )
  • Saromae Yun Bak Dan ( for lifeless dull skin / skin with freckles & blemishes )
  • Saromae Yoon Mi Dan ( for loose sagging skin / swollen skin )
  • Saromae Cheong Gum Dan ( for normal skin – ideal skin condition )


The emulsion,cream, eye cream,masks are common items which means they can be can be used together with any of the toner & essence of the 5 lines. Only the whitening line ( Saimdang Saromae Yun Back ) line has it’s own emulsion and cream. There are also a few different cream from this basic line namely the Saromae Yun Mi Moisture Cream ( blue colour ) ,Saromae Yunmi Elastic Cream, Saromae Yunmi Jin Cream, Saromae Yunmi Wrinkle Cream.



3)  Saimdang Rosaeng





The line contains water, essence, emulsion, cream, massage cream, sunblock


4 ) Saimdang Chiwucheonhwang


This is Saimdang Men’s line.





The line only consists of two products : the men toner & emulsion.

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  1. I was so excited to try this brand for anti-aging effect and ordered the Saromae and Inhyunjin samples ” Lucky me ! Because the Saromae line smell very good and fresh but doesn’t seem very hydrating enough ( it could be perfect for summer ) but the too awaited Inhyunjin line is a big deception ! The product’s perfume is so heavy and strong that give me headache , have to wash hands twice after cream application to remove the haunting smell ! Never tried a korean product what smell that much . EURK !

  2. really?? Maybe you will see the effects on the skin?? Haha. Does it smell of artificial perfume?

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