WISHTrend Wishtrend Summer Series 2 : Fight Summer Skin Problems with Wishtrend !


Continued from the WISHTrend Wishtrend Summer Series 1 : All You Need To Know About Sun Protection


Wishtrend has just released a summer recommendation products : here, but i here i will be talking about products that can be found on Wishtrend to help combat the major summer skin problems. So what are the MAJOR skin problems during summer ? Let’s discuss them in detail below :



1. Pores, pores, pores




Pores are the major summer skin problem every year without fail. So why do our pores appear extra huge every summer ? Pores were made to help our skin – they provide a pathway for sweat glands, oil glands and hair follicles. They allow sebum ( or good oil skin ) to lubricate the skin surface but when the pores become enlarged ( dilated pores ) due to various reasons ( genetics, external factors ) , they also secrete excess sebum making our skin look really greasy and oily.



The problem doesn’t stop there – large pores also allows dirt, dust and waste ( from environment, makeup, etc. ) to accumulate on them which then clogs the pores and might cause other skin problems such as acne, blackheads,etc. Therefore, a good cleanser to help remove all the dirt, excess makeup is obligatory! Exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells 1-2 a week is also a MUST!


My favourite form of cleansers are powder cleansers. Why? Powder cleansers contain enzymes powder which cleanses and exfoliates the skin gently without harsh abrasives. They are kept in powder form because enzymes are highly unstable, therefore the powder keeps them stable until they are activated by water. Fruit Enzyme Products possess gentle action providing the similar results as the Glycolic Products.They cleanse the skin by dissolving dead cells from the skin’s surface. There are two powder enzyme cleansers on Wishtrend : the Ciracle Powder Wash and the Skin&Lab Dr Pore Tight Bubble Powder Mask & Cleanser ( which i love and will review soon! ).



[SKIN & LAB] Bubble Powder Mask & Cleanser[Ciracle] Powder Wash




Large pores appear mainly around the nose because the nose area has more oil glands than any other areas. Accumulation of oil and debris on the nose also increases the pore size. To remove excess oil waste, blackheads and whiteheads – there are 3 nose products available on Wishtrend to help combat these problems. Introducing the Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet, Ciracle Blackhead Off Cotton Mask (upgraded version of the Blackhead Off Sheet) and last but not least, the newly launched nose program – the SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack


[Ciracle] Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet[Ciracle] Blackhead Off Cotton Mask[SKINMISO] Pore beauty nose pack



Last but not least, the trickiest product of all : Pore-minimizing serums. While many may not see results immediately, these effects will show after prolonged used. Pore minimizing serums helps minimize the appearance of your pores and will have a temporary ‘shrinking’ effect, making it less visible– but effective cleansing and exfoliation is the key to pore problems. At Wishtrend, we have 3 high quality pore-minimizing serums called the Rojukiss Pore Tightening Source Ver. 2, CAOLION Pore Minimizing Serum, & Ciracle Pore Control Tightening Serum. These serums not only aims to help pore problems, but they also contain anti-aging ingredients to help improve the skin elasticity, and stimulate the production of collagen.




[Ciracle] Pore Control Tightening Serum[CAOLION] Pore Minimizing Serum[Rojukiss] Pore Tightening Source Ver. 2



Many of you may think why would a pore minimizing serum have these anti-aging collagen stimulating ingredients? I bet few of you know pores can also be caused by aging. As we age or when our skin is damaged by the sun, the skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin decreases. When the skin loses it’s elasticity – the walls of the pores sag. The oil glands and pores looses its support which is normally surrounded and supported by collagen- and becomes lax and the pores become enlarged. Therefore lack of collagen surrounding the pore can make it look bigger! So how do you tell if your pores are caused by excess sebum or low collagen regeneration ?


Simple! If dilated/enlarged pores appear on areas where your skin is oilier ( such as your nose, cheeks ), then this is caused by excessive sebum secretion. If your pores are larger even when you have dry skin, or in areas where your skin isn’t oily – then it is due to low collagen regeneration. So what happens if your pore problem is caused by the latter ? Uses products that contain Vitamin A or anti-aging peptides that improves collagen production such as the Skin&Lab Vitamin A Plus Lifting Cream, the Skin&Lab Triple Action Essence ( which contains Vitamin A,C&E )  and the Ciracle Anti-Wrinkle Drama Essence or even better the Rojukiss Pore Tightening Line which helps combat both the pore problems mentioned above ( the emulsion & cream is sold out at the moment ) !



ciracle-anti-wrinkle-drama-essence[SKIN & LAB]  A plus Lifting[SKIN & LAB] Triple Action Essence (Vitamin A,C,E)



Have you learnt a few new things about managing your pores during summer with Wishtrend ? Check out our 3rd Summer Series Article coming soon!

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  1. Ah, another lovely post from hope. I really want to try Caolion, due to the fact that it’s all natural, as you’ve suggested before. This pore serum looks promising.

  2. caolion products are actually free from lots of harsh chemicals! haha want to try their whitening line!

  3. he he, oh not all natural but just free from lots of harsh chemicals, I could do with that still. I’ve had to make some drastic changes to my skin routine recently due to irritation. It sucks big time, but I blame the chocolate to be honest. LOL. Can’t wait the Donginbi set I purchased from that seller you recommended last time. You’re such an influence you are! ha ha

  4. haha no wait, they are natural AND free from lots of harsh chemicals! haha their products are all ECOCERT certified ! hahaha hope you will like the donginbi products! i cant wait to test mine too!

  5. LOL, we’re getting all mixed up here. ha ha. Which donginbi set did you get? Or did you the full size ones? Are Caolion only skincare, no make up line? Just tried to search it but can’t seem to find any.

  6. Hey bibeautyful, I wonder if you actually use Coreana products and other brands like Amorepacific’s? I think they are actually as good and cheap as Donginbi. Actually, if you use Donginbi, the cheaper alternative manufactured by the same company and which basically contains the same extract of red ginseng is Llang. From what I suspect, and based on conversations with the store assistant at E-mart, Llang and Donginbi are basically similar and the only difference is the pitching of their consumer market. Talking about Ecocert and organic certification and so on, Coreana is listed under the CCM, which is a standard for fair agricultural practice (especially for the harvesting of extracts for cosmetics).

  7. Hi there Kevin, I’ve not used any Coreana products actually, and as for Amorepacific’s, I’ve only used Mamonde’s Toner and that’s for a brief period of time before passing it on to my Mom. I’ve never heard of Llang before, and with Donginbi, Jon introduced me to it, well, his blog post I should say, he he. This is great information you got there. How accessible are Llang products? I live in the UK, and right now I more or less get my stash from Ebay and soon from wishtrend.

  8. nope! dont need too. donginbi is the better version of LLang! Llang is the cheaper middle range brand, so since i have donginbi already i didnt feel the need to try LLang!

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