Hope In A Blog Reader’s Special : Wishtrend No-More-Pores Challenge



Wishtrend has issued me a challenge : to get rid of my pores in 3 weeks so I’m calling it the Wishtrend No-More-Pores Challenge. Summer is around – and pore problems are going to be a huge problem for a lot of people. Will this really make my pores disappear in 3 weeks?






For this challenge, Wishtrend has sent me the complete set of Skin&Lab Dr Pore Tight Series which includes the Skin&Lab Bubble Powder Mask & Cleanser , the Skin&Lab Neutralizing Gel Toner, the Skin&Lab Hydrating Perfect Gel Cream, as well as the Caolion’s Pore Minimizing Serum and the Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet.





My housemate on the other hand, will also be accepting this Wishtrend challenge – by using a different pore line – the Wishtrend Rojukiss Pore Tightening line which compromises of the Rojukiss Pore Tightening Toner,Rojukiss Pore Tightening Source, Rojukiss Pore Tightening Emulsion, Rojukiss Pore Tightening Cream.

How will this Pores-No-More 3 Weeks Challenge work ? Each week, i will be taking photos of our skin and pores using both a camera as well as a skin scope which can zoom up to x200 so you can see the size of the pores. This will be posted on another post ( to check the articles for the Wishtrend No-More-Pores Challenge, please go to the ‘Brand’ section at the right corner of the blog and look for ‘Wishtrend No More Pores Challenge’ ).



Each week, we will be posting photos, as well as short notes on the line or the progress that we’ve seen. After the 3 weeks, we will be writing the final review. Will the Rojukiss Pore Tightening line fare better? Or will the Skin&Lab Dr Pore Tight fare better ? Or will both of them be just as good ? Or will both of them fail ? Follow us through these 3 weeks so see the progress for yourself!



As you all know, i love my readers and like to involve them as much as I can in discovering Asian Skincare & Cosmetics. So instead of hogging on to the items, after the 3 weeks i will be giving away everything to two lucky readers. As we will only be using it for 3 weeks, you have 5-6 weeks to test it for yourself and write your own review on it.



Are You Ready ?



Do you want to accept the Wishtrend Pore-No-More Challenge ? Here are the conditions :


  • You must have acne, oily skin with wide pores – this is the most important condition because only those with oily skin with wide pores will be able to access these products fairly
  • You will be responsible for shipping. As these products are very bulky, i will not be able to send them in ‘small packets’ so the shipping rates will be different. Shipping will cost 8 euros to France ( Colissimo ) , 17 euros ( Europe ), and 21 euros ( Worldwide ). If you purchase the whole set yourself, trust me, the cost will be 5 times the amount you pay for shipping!
  • You must be willing to write a review after 4-5 weeks of using it.


If you agree to the conditions above, just leave a comment below stating your interest in accepting the challenge and which set you would like to try ( the Rojukiss or the Skin&lab ) !

Rojukiss Pore Tightening


Hope In A Blog Reader&rsquo-s Special : Wishtrend No-More-Pores Challenge


Description for the Rojukiss Pore Line which also has anti-aging and vitality properties :


Warm-up keeping the skin balance for strong pore elasticity and tensing pores !

– It is good for only pores, which arranges skin texture and gives pores tension.

– The cool feeling lowers the temperature of skin surface when touching the skin and witch hazel, green tea component and chamomile flower extract including natural tannin component so much tense pores tightly so it prepares to accept the next essence well.

– The nutritional contents of sugar cane extract and ocean extract fill the pores with vitality and adenosine which is the wrinkle functional component gives the skin youth’s elasticity.  



Skin&Lab Dr Pore Tight





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  1. hmmm… interesting postchallenge. Am I ready? I am leaning towards SkinLab products, to be honest. As for acne prone skin, I could say that I have my fair share here and there even when I just skip a day or half a day of giving my skin TLC. Pores? Don’t even get me started. LOL.I always thought you couldn’t make these little suckers disappear, but if these products claim they could, then I guess, I am up for this!

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