unique product : Richenna Egg Water Drop Egg Hair Serum




Introducing the world’s first water drop egg hair serum – the Richenna Water Drop Egg Hair Serum. 워터 드롭 에그 헤어 세럼.

If you guys have not heard about the term ‘water drop’ which is quite common in Asian cosmetics – it refers to a type of liquid formulation that when rubbed, water droplets burst and makes the texture more liquid and easier to spread. It is used normally in serums – but we’ve seen them used also in BB Creams – such as the Mamonde BB Cream.

The hair serum contains egg yolk ( rich in lecithin and vitamin A ) , egg albumin ( which acts as a hair conditioning agent ) , oils and proteins to help nourish the hair and form a shield to protect the hair from losing moisture. It also keeps your hair smooth without stickiness.  It also contains Ceramide 3 which repairs damange hair and provide moisture.

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