RE:NK releases White Radiance BB Line


RE:NK will be releasing a new make-up line in conjunction with their newly upgraded whitening line ( RE:NK Cell Luminous line) called the RE:NK White Radiance BB Line 화이트래디언스 비비.



The line contains the RE:NK patented active ingredient, the EnerWhite™, a whitening ingredient developed by independent technology, and the EnerCell™ ingredient. EnerWhite™ prevents the creation of melanin and inhibits their movement fundamentally. It also provides solutions against black, red and yellow spots. After that, the EnerCell™ helps moisturize skin.



The EnerWhite™ is a core ingredient to accentuate the whitening effect by fundamentally preventing the creation of melanin, which was developed after five years of research at the Woongjin Coway Cosmetics Research Center. The inhibition effect of melanin of this ingredient exceeds 200 multiples over arbutin, an existing whitening ingredient. This ingredient also makes it possible to fundamentally whiten users’ skin by inhibiting the movement and maturity of existing melanin. Clinical research institutes have verified that it has excellent skin whitening effect more than two times than existing ingredients.



The line will consist of 3 products :



1) RE:NK White Radiance BB Brightener 비비 브라이트너




This is a highlighter which helps highlight areas on your skin ( cheeks, eyes ) to provide a glowing effect. Contains fine pearl powder and an essence formula.




2) RE:NK White Radiance BB Balm  SPF50+ 선 비비 밤



This BB Cream comes in a pact form, but it isn’t a powder. It will still be a blemish balm/cream.


This is a multifunctional product : whitening, UV protection, makeup base and BB Cream. It contains 4 colour which helps provide skin with the best possible tone.



3) RE:NK White Radiance Sun Pact 선 비비 팩트




A sun powder which helps protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.




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