Re:Nk releases 2012 makeup collection



Coongjin Coway’s Re:NK has released their latest Re:Nk 2012 makeup collection 2012 FW 메이크업 컬렉션 which will feature 7 products : primer, makeup base, powder, powder pact, lipstick, foundation and a mascara.


Focusing on the typical korean makeup rule – no makeup natural makeup – the new collection aims to give you radiant, bright skin which contains moisturizing and brightening ingredients as well as protect it from the harmful UV rays.


Check out the entire collection below :



1. Re:Nk Pore Tightening Primer 25ml / 40,000 wons

2. Re:Nk Glow Highlighting Base 40ml / 40,000 wons

3. Re:Nk Handy Mineral Powder 8g / 40,000 wons

4. Re:Nk Brightening Powder Pact 12g / 45,000 wons

Highlight of the collection

5. Re:Nk Signature Lipstick 3.4g / 40,000 wons

Comes in 6 shades in which the star item is the No.4 Apricot Colour which has a bright and refreshing colour to use all year long. These lipstick are rich in hyaluronic acid which moisturizes your lips intensely and contains colour pigments that lasts a really long time!

6. Re:Nk Water Liquid Foundation SPF30 PA++ 35ml / 40,000 wons

Comes in two shades 21 and 23.

7. Re:Nk Total Perfect Mascara 10ml / 35,000 wons

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