LG and Woongjin Coway goes to court


LG Household Corporation and Woongjin Coway has been battling it out in the courthouse lately.

LG Household and Health Corporation recently filed a lawsuit against Woongjin Coway for infringement of trademark.

LG launched their premium oriental hair care brand ReEn (리엔케이) in 2005, and Woongjin Coway launched their first foray in the cosmetics market after having sold off Coreana Cosmetics in 1999 with the launch of Re:Nk (리:엔케이)

As you can see, they both have the same hangul characters except that Coway’s brand name has a ‘:’ in between. (리엔케이 VS 리:엔케이). The english characters for both are however different ( ReEn VS Re:Nk).

If LG wins the case, Coway is going to have a hard time and would have to spend lots of money changing everything from the packaging to advertistments etc. Hopefully, they will be able to work things out !

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