Ossion releases their version of the celebrity cream


Ossion, with is under the Hankook group which also produces The Saem released a while back their version of The Saem Celebrity Cream called the Ossion Color Action Cream PW 오션 컬러 액션 크림


The also offer a serum version called the Ossion Color Action Serum 오션 컬러 액션 에센스. Like the The Saem Celebrity Cream has the same functions as the Ossion Color Action Cream , it is slightly cheaper too.


0 thoughts on “Ossion releases their version of the celebrity cream”

  1. hi hope, as always thanks a lot for all the cool info u posted here
    btw I bought the saem celebrity cream (after reading ur review), n was wondering how do I really use it? do I mix it all (the gel and the beads) before applying it? its really beautiful n I felt such a waste to ruin it haha
    thanks! =)

  2. thanks for the tips! but since 4 beads + gel is quite a lot, I might mix it beforehand and place it in a small jar so I can use it for 2-3 applications hehe

  3. hi, celebrity cream is to be used before foundationbb cream right? or mixed together like dayshu?

    does celebrity cream go on before or after sunblock? that is, is it to be a moisturizer or a makeup base?

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