Origins jump on the BB Bandwagon with release of 2 BB Creams!

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After the whole week reporting on western BB Creams, another new addition to the list : Origins A Perfect World BB Cream. This BB Cream will be released in the UK ( Europe perhaps? Check back for further updates.


However, they are going to shoot two birds with one stone by using both the BB word and the Tinted Moisturizer together and the first company to do so.


This features a blend of ingredients that deliver multiple perfecting, protecting and hydrating benefits in a lightweight formulation. Benefits include the reduction in the appearance of pores and fine lines, better skin hydration and an improvement in skin’s radiance. The BB Cream is offered in six shades to complement a wide range of skin tones: Light, Light/Medium, Medium, Medium/Deep, Deep and Extra Deep, priced at £27 each. The new A Perfect World BB SPF 15 Age-defense tinted moisturizer with White Tea will be available nationwide from April at Origins retail stores, selected department stores and the brand’s website.


And apparently in Asia, they will be releasing a different BB Cream, this time without using the ‘tinted moisturizer’ on it’s label. Introducing the Origins VitaZing BB Cream from the VitaZing line.




The Origins VITAZING has a moisturizer that becomes slightly tinted once rubbed, so don’t confuse the moisturizer with this BB Cream. They are both totally different products. The Origins VitaZing Moisturizer comes in SPF15, while the Origins VitaZing BB Cream is SPF 35 / PA +++.


The key ingredient is the Mangosteen Energy Complex, which helps optimize cellular energy and limit the release of free radicals helping skin maintain its healthy look. The complex is also coupled with Cordyceps Mushroom and Ginseng to provide an even better anti-aging effect. In addition it also uses Mango Seed Butter, Hyaluronic Acid and Trehalose to provide intense hydration to the skin. Oil-controlling natural ingredients such as Silica and Laminaria Extracts are also included. Other than that Barley and Wheat Germ protects skin from dehydration.



How will it compare to the newly released Giorgio Armani, Helena Rubinstein, Dior BB Creams? Or better still… how will it compare to the Asian BB Creams? Excited for it’s released? Stay tune to Hope In A Blog for further details.



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