OHUI upgrades hydra formula line





OHUI’s highly succesful line – the O HUI Hydra Formula line will be seeing another upgrade both in terms of packaging and ingredients. OHUI’s new packaging is looking gorgeous!

Old Packaging :

OHUI upgrades hydra formula line



New Packaging :




Seems like there will be the addition of green caviar in the newly upgraded O HUI Hydra Formula line. In case you don’t know green caviar is a seaweed, often known as sea grapes which has the texture of caviar and even looks like it ! It’s scientific name is Caulerpa lentillifera and it is rich in vitamin C, α-tocopherol, dietary fibers, minerals, fatty acid and amino acid. It increases GAGs synthesis. It also affects collagen synthesis and restores skin volume.


Here is the pricing for the new line. Seems like there will be 3 different creams in the newly upgraded line compared to the 2 creams in the old line ( gel cream & cream )




Read more about Green Caviar below :



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  1. This is exciting! I was about to try the infamous vital gel cream,so I def gonna give this new cream a try! Any news on the price? N whats the other upgraded item on the pic? Thanks ^^

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