OHUI releases pore serum & vibrating foundation




OHUI is finally joining the vibration foundation bandwagon ( i suspect that HERA might follow soon ) with the OHUI Auto Cover Cream Foundation. 오토 커버 크림 파운데이션




Doesn’t it look foundation ? The machine comes with with a vibration machine. The machine helps reinforces makeup on the skin which promises at least 12 hours long lasting makeup! It is a suncare ( SPF 28 ), makeup base, foundation, pact and highlighter all in tome. Vibrations 1 up till 230 vibrations per second – which is the ideal amount. The foundation is also anti-wrinkle , whitening, as well as UV blocking functionality.


This will come in a set which will consist of a foundation pact, one refill, one machine, 2 puffs and will be sold for 77,000 wons!




Another new product is also the OHUI Goodbye Pore Serum. Will update this when i have further information! 

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  1. I bought the new essence, but the foundation set is limited, that means the normal one doesn’t come with a refill…

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