Ohui releases new ampoule off The First line


OHUI has released a new item off their stem cell line called the Ohui The First Cell Revolution Ampoule Royal Gold 오휘 더 퍼스트 셀 레볼루션 앰플 로얄골드.



Not to mixed up with the other ampoules off the OHUI The First Line as the packaging looks alike. This royal gold ampoule contains the patented OHUI Stem Cell Culture which helps in the skin renewal process. It also contains hGh ( Human Growth Hormone ) and 24K Gold to active the skin’s metabolism and help resolves skin problems such as sagging skin, decreased elasticity, dryness, skin texture, skin firmness etc.



Of course, it comes with a hefty price tag, at about 450,000 wons for 30ml.

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0 thoughts on “Ohui releases new ampoule off The First line”

  1. Hmn actually it’s not new anymore, I bought it from the duty free many months ago. At duty free it’s about more than $200

  2. it’s quite more sticky because it is more concentrated,but it will boost your skin texture to become shiny,dewy and glow

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