OHUI releases limited edition products


OHUI will be working along with artist Jeannie to release a limited edition of various famous OHUI products. Parts of the proceeds from the limited edition items will be donated to the Seoul’s National University Children’s Hospital. 


The products that will have the special art on their packaging are :


1. OHUI Cell Power No.1 Eye Cream 셀 파워 아이크림


2. OHUI Cell Power No.1 Essence 셀 파워 넘버원 에센스


3. OHUI Pearl Powder 마이 펄 파우더 – this is a limited edition OHUI product that contains the OHUI best-selling sunblock powder with pearl powder. Use this pearl powder to highlight your face and give you that superstar look!


4. OHUI My Makeup Box 가방 속 미니 화장대

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