Ohui 2012 new releases!




Wow.. LG’s OHUI has released a bunch of new stuff lately!




1. OHUI White Extreme Cellshine Magic Ampoule


Promises magical results in just after 2 weeks. This product is 3 times more concentrated than the whitening products in the market today. It contains concentrated vitamin C derivative and extracts from Salvia miltiorrhiza roots. The Ampoule comes with a LED device.




2. OHUI White Extreme Cellshine Essence 화이트 익스트림 셀 샤인 에센스


Used in synergy together with the ampoules to double the efficiency. This is the upgraded version from the existing White Extreme essence and does not use a dropper packaging, but a more convenient pump-type of bottle.


3. OHUI Miracle Net Foundation 미라클 네트 파운데이션 3호 세트

A foundation that is sieved to ensure that the fine particles adheres tightly to your skin and gives you fine smooth skin. Comes with a sieve net which is really intriguing!




4. OHUI Ideal Puff Blemish Balm 아이디얼 퍼프 블레미쉬 밤




This is OHUI’s latest BB Cream which comes with a puff so you have the option of using it with the puff or just the tube. It contains SPF 46, PA +++


3. OHUI Age Recovery Cell Lab Eye Cream  에이지리커버리 셀 랩 아이크림 증량




This is an upgraded version and contains double the amount from the old Age Recovery eye cream. Improves wrinnkles around the eye area and relieves dry eyes.


Other new products of OHUI include the

4. OHUI Mineral Prime Blemish Balm  미네랄 프라임 블레미쉬 밤

5. OHUI Well Made Skin Base 오휘 웰메이드 스킨 베이스

6. OHUI Sheer Mineral Base 오휘 쉬어 미네랄 베이스

7. OHUI Original Green Base 오휘 오리지널 그린 베이스 30ml

8. OHUI Fluid Foundation 오휘 플루이드 파운데이션


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  1. Welcome back! Thanks for creating this great blog. I learned about so many great products through it. Do you know of any good gmarket seller that sell OHUI products at a reasonable price? Is there any good gmarket deal right now?

  2. there are too many OHUI sellers on gmarket. you gotta check them out and compare their prices!

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