New and upgraded OHUI Sun Science Products


OHUI has renewed and upgraded almost the entire line of the OHUI Sun Science line this year.





They introduced 3 new sunscreens –



1) OHUI Perfect Sunblock Red EX 60ml

퍼펙트 선블록 레드



This sunblock is suitable for those with sensitive skin and for those who gets sunburn easily under the sun. Enriched with Provitamin B5 also known as Panththenic Acid or Panthenol, this provitamin is transformed into vitamin B5, which has a natural broad ability to moisturize, soothe, heal and regenerate the skin.



Provitamin B5 is commonly billed in personal care products as dexpanthenol, d-panthenol or dl-panthenol and is most noted for its ability to function as a humectant–a water-binding substance that attracts and retains water.



As a humectant, provitamin B5 stabilizes the skin barrier function, reducing the amount of water lost through the skin. By applying a provitamin B5 formulation to the skin, you will not only increase its hydration but improve its softness and elasticity, making provitamin B5 ideal for the treatment of dry, scaly or rough skin.



Provitamin B5 goes beyond its role as a moisturizer and acts as a natural skin healer and protectant.
When applied to the skin, it offers relief from itchiness and pain and reduces redness. Wounds treated with provitamin B5 have resulted in regenerated tissue that is more solid and elastic. Additionally, a 2002 “Journal of Dermatological Treatment” study noted that provitamin B5 enhanced the repair of the skin barrier while reducing inflammation. In terms of protecting skin, provitamin B5 acts as a barrier, shielding the skin from skin irritation.



Provitamin B5’s effectiveness in hydrating, soothing, healing and protecting skin makes it an effective ingredient in formulations to alleviate the following conditions: acne, bed sores, minor cuts, diaper rash, contact dermatitis (produced when the skin comes in contact with irritants or allergens), eczema, insect bites, scrapes and sunburn.







2) OHUI Perfect Sunblock Black EX 

퍼펙트 선블록 블랙



This sunblock is for those who are scared of becoming darker under the sun. They are also for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation from overexposure from the sun, and for those who wants to prevent pigmentation. Like the Red version, this one also contains SPF 50+.



This sunscreen is enriched with Pycnogenol, a natural plant extract originating from the bark of the maritime pine tree, which grows exclusively along the unspoiled coast of southwestern France.



Pycnogenol works by inhibiting melanogenesis, the production of the pigment melanin, responsible for skin color) and lowers skin pigmentation intensity so that skin is a more even toned. A clinical study has demonstrated that Pycnogenol is effective in lightening areas of the skin that are over-pigmented, diminish skin discolorations, brown spots, unsightly age spots and much more.



Oral supplementation of healthy volunteers with Pycnogenol®was shown to helpprevent UV damage and the resulting photo-aging. Pycnogenol® also inhibits the inflammation caused by UV-exposure, consequently protecting the skin from sunburn. Tomorrow we will learn how the synergistic combination of oral and topical Pycnogenol can transform the skin—safely and effectively.





3. OHUI Smart Cover Sunblock SPF 50

오휘 스마트 커버 선블록은 SPF50+ PA+++



This is a new product that was just released last week. The packaging is a first of it’s kind – we’re still not so sure how it works, but this is sort of a sunblock + foundation. Basically the sunblock comes in 2 parts – a foundation and the sponge. It helps cover up blemishes without drying them out. The Smart Cover Sunblock has excellent water retention capacity, and avoids drying up the skin from excessive sun heat. The packaging features an airless-type of packaging to ensure hygiene and minimize waste of product ( because you only press when you need it)!



When you press a button on the bottle, foundation o
ozes out, and then mix the foundation together with the sponge to apply it on your face.



It comes in 2 colors.



Look at the video below to see how this product works :


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  1. Have you tried out the smart cover sunblock yet?

    Which of their sunblock is suitable for body as well? Or do you think Hera Sun Mate Milk is a better choice?

  2. hi, nope! but some of my friends have. its more like a concealer/sunblock.

    the sun mate milk is 100ml so its a cheaper option!!

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