Meeet OHUI’s new spokesperson : Kim Tae Hee



LG’s premium brand OHUI has just signed actress Kim Tae Hee as their new spokesperson ! Kim Tae Hee ( age 31 ) was recently in a drama with the gorrrrgeous Song Seung Hoon called My Princess. She is the perfect spokesperson for the brand and will start advertising for OHUI in their new shampoo in December.

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  1. She was actually a model for O’hui years back before Son Ye Jin, and that was before Hera signed her on. She’s arguably one of South Korea’s most beautiful women, which I agree with perfectly. At 31 years old, she has this aura around her which outlasted her days as a small girl. As for your remark about Song Seung Heon, I find it rather funny. He’s born in 1976, the same year as me.

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