Nature Republic releases Royal Signature Essence and Range



Nature Republic will be releasing a highly concentrated royal jelly essence called the ‘ Royal Signature Essence ‘ ( 40 ml / 15,900 won )

The Royal Signature Essence is rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, royal jelly and honey, and cacao to combat the dry and harsh weather of winter. Herbal Ingredients such as Ganoderma (known as reishi , a bitter japanese mushroom) , red ginseng and astragalus root ( known as huang qi) used to treat skin disorders.

Royal Jelly is well documented as one of the most effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents that occurs in nature. Research has shown that the majority of skin care problems stem from bacterial and/or fungal contamination. There is scientifically documented evidence of cellular rejuvenation to damaged skin cells with the use of Royal Jelly in skin care preparations.

Royal Jelly is produced by bees and fed to create the Queen bee in the hive. Royal Jelly is produced exclusively for the development of the Queen Bee. It is one of nature’s finest natural products.

Royal Jelly has been used in some of the most expensive skin care preparations as a humectant ingredient (a water-binding agent). It is extremely difficult to harvest and this drives the cost of any product containing Royal Jelly up beyond the reach of most consumers. The prohibitive cost of Royal Jelly dissuades most manufacturers from producing any products containing Royal Jelly. Even when manufacturers do produce Royal Jelly based products, they dilute the concentration substantially – making the actual benefits of the product almost negligible.

Royal Signature line range will be made from Nature Republic’s 501 Water and will contain 5 products – essence, toner, emulsion, eye cream and cream.


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