Nature Republic releases Orchid Secret line


Nature Republic will be releasing a new makeup line to give your skin an elegant glow called the Nature Republic Orchid Secret . Look at that lovely packaging !



The line will have 2 products :



1. Nature Republic Orchid Secret Powder Pact SPF35 PA+++

오키드 시크릿 파우더 팩트



Uses orchid extracts and hot spring water in Jordan. The mineral salts and mud found there have soothed and healed Herod, Cleopatra, Aristotle, and Jesus, as well as countless lesser-known pilgrims.



2. Nature Republic Orchid Secret Highlighter

오키드 시크릿 하이라이터


Gives your face a glow with the help of gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, amethyst and pearls to give your skin the superstar glow.

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