Nature Republic releases new summer line–Canada Whistler Ice



Nature Republic will be releasing their line to combat the hot summer called the Nature Republic Canada Whistler Ice line 캐나다 휘슬러 아이스 .


This line is a refreshing + pore management line which uses the glacier water from a city in Canada called Whistler.


The mountains surrounding Whistler, British Columbia have a majesty that is equaled by few places in the world. And from deep below their soaring peaks comes a water that no place in the world can match.  A secret locked for a million years inside the impenetrable granite of the Coastal Mountain Range.

And nature’s secret it remained until it was unlocked by two local men.  A pair who met by chance, and who in turn would have the good fortune to discover what many consider to be one of the purest sources of water in the world.

Years of searching led them to ancient trails, once used for gathering medicinal herbs by generations of earlier settlers.  Climbing into the upper alpine, their quest brought them to the sweeping icefields of the Place Glacier.  As they stood on the summit plateau, far beneath their feet, trickles of glacier water had already begun their slow journey through the purest of all filters—the mountain itself.

Following their instincts, they hiked down to what they believed was a promising site in the valley below.  At 7 am on a July morning in 1993, their intuition was rewarded as a vast underground aquifer burst forth.  Whistler Water was born.



Whistler Water absorbs fast into the skin, and moisturizes it. It is also pH balanced , therefore perfect for those with sensitive skin. Also present in this line is Nature Republic’s MD 202 Water ( deep sea water from Greenland ) which is rich in minerals. If you’re suffering from red sun burnt skin, refrigerate the products and it will help soothe and repair damaged skin. The line also helps to shrink pores and make them less visible on the skin.



The line will feature 3 products at the moment : Toner, Emulsion and Essence. 


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0 thoughts on “Nature Republic releases new summer line–Canada Whistler Ice”

  1. It’s a little bit funny that while living in Canada for the last few years, I have never heard of Whistler being famous for glaciers. It’s in fact more of a place wellknown for snow skiing than anything, so perhaps the relationship is more associational.

  2. In modern Korean literature written during the early 1980′s and 1990′s, there is always this rather interesting fascination with finding some spring or garden of youth where there is no suffering or old age or sickness beneath the Himalayas(and in this case, Northern Mountain ranges of Canada), and it is not surprising that NR came up with such an idea. It appeals to a very Korean audience with its associations with the “hidden spring”.

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