Nature Republic releases Multi Perfection Cream series




Nature Republic will be pushing out a all natural organic line which consists of 3 creams called the Nature Republic Multi Perfection Cream 멀티 퍼펙션 크림



These Multi-functional cream are meant to solve up to 10 kinds of skin problems : dullness, pores, skin resilience, etc to give you healthier skin. Containing anti- wrinkle and whitening ingredients, the cream also combines both essence and cream into 1 product.



The 3 creams are :


1. Nature Republic Multi Perfection Super Cream

Improves skin’s elasticity. With it’s silky smooth texture formula. Contains Niacinamide to brighten up skin tone and lightens blemish and acne spots.



2. Nature Republic Multi Perfection MAX Cream

Improves skin’s rough texture, tightens pores and calms irritated skin. Contains Royal Jelly, Acacia, Collagen, to provide vitality and nutrients to the skin.



3. Nature Republic Multi Perfection Ultra Cream

Uses Northern Italian Orange Water ( MD 401 Water ) and UNESCO certified pure French mineral water, Celtic Water ( MD 402 Water ) which are both rich in vitamins and minerals to keep the skin moist and hydrated.



The 3 creams will be endorsed by the new Nature Republic spokesperson – Kpop girl group sensation KARA.

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