Guess who released these hand creams?


Yes, you guessed it right – Etude House!………..


Gotcha! Nope, this is actually the new release from Nature Republic. Looking very similar to the 2 collection of hand creams from Etude House, Nature Republic has released 4 hand creams  and lip balms called the Nature Republic Friends Hand Cream and the Nature Republic Friends Lip Balm .


Each hand cream will be priced at 5,800 wons for 30ml, and the lip balm 5500 wons for 8.5g. Just like the Etude House Hand Creams in which a proportion of the sales would be donated to the endangered animals which they featured, the Nature Republic Friend Series will also donate a portion of the sales to the protection of forest squirrels as well as the tree planting program.


The different fragrance available are the baby powder fragrance, fruity flavour and floral aroma! They all contain shea butter, mango butter and cocoa seed butter which smoothens rough hands, keeping them smooth and moist. They also contain walnut extract which is rich in Vitamin B1 which aids in skin firming.


The lip balms on the other hand will be based on Shea Butter and Beeswax. It also contains fig fruit extract and lemon extract. The lip balm series will be divided into glossy lip balm as well as tinted lip balm, and aims to moisturize the lip for 8 hours.


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