Naruko releases anti-acne suncreen and Vitamin B12 makeup remover




Naruko will be releasing the NRK Vitamin B12 Eye Lip Makeup Remover. Vitamin B12 has really been a hit ingredient especially in Asian cosmetics thanks to Vitacreme which went viral in Japan after a Japanese actress claimed it was her secret to her beauty. Vitacreme craze then spread to the whole of Asia.


The make-up remover has a ratio of 4.95 ( oil ) : 5.05 ( water ) which effectively removes makeup without any irritation to the skin, eyes or lips due to it’s balanced pH. It also moisturizes the skin while removing makeup. It uses nano Germinated Brown Rice Water.





Another new product from Naruko is an anti-acne sunscreen called the Naruko Oil Out Tea Tree Anti Acne Sunscreen



This sunscreen is especially made for those suffering from acne. Not only does it contain mint and 0.2% salicylic acid, the sunscreen also has a light refreshing texture which has zero burden to the skin and doesn’t clog pores. Tea Tree helps to solve your acne problems as well as prevents overactive sebum production. This sunscreen will be quite similar to the OHUI Luminous White Sunscreen which will have a shaker, and a diluted texture!


It also has a high SPF 50 PA+++ sun protection! 30ML / 349 Taiwan Dollars

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