Introducing Brands : Neogen & Nanosys




Nanosys & Neogen are two brands under the Fox & Planet Co which provides innovative and unique cosmetic products.








The different lines :

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Why Nanosys Is Different?


all products has applied 4 different of the most advanced technologies in the cosmetic markets.

such as….


1. nano technology
– a technology for processing  extremely tiny molecules in1/1,000,000,000,.
– breaks the ingredients into different nano-sizes to gradual penetration into skin layers
– nano sized ingredients are formed into a different thicknesses of capsules and the  ingredients break out of the capsules in different time intervals


2. derma technology
-nanosys is researching on active ingredients and chemical compound that contain active ingredients in order to minimize of skin irritation.

-continually researches ingredients to create new complex for stability and
; safety on our skin.

Method: in vivo test
Result: approved by dermatologists


3. bio detoxing technology
-nanosys verifies patents and reference for researches on detoxification and method of excretion
-selecting the most proper and finest ingredients for detoxification


4. bio convergence technology
-nanosys engages in scientific research on the skin via many different types of bio-convergence extraction methods
-extraordinary scientific methods are applied to acquire completely clean ingredients



What Hope In A Blog Finds Interesting In This Brand :


  • The brand are known for their ampoules, and what i like about it is the LED lights that come with it. LED Rejuvenation has garnered a lot of attention lately, and the western companies are selling devices with LED at ridiculous prices. Here, at only $19 , you get a LED device ( though with only a few LED lights ) and the ampoules.

Example : 




  • I’m not sure who copied who, but NEOGEN and the NEOGENCE ( Taiwanese brand ) are exactly similar in terms of packaging, branding, and name.

Introducing Brands : Neogen  &amp- Nanosys Introducing Brands : Neogen  &amp- Nanosys



  • Don’t you just love the packaging of this :



Check out their Gmarket shop by typing ‘nanosys’ ! You will be able to purchase products from their official website soon… once they update me with the details, it will be available here!

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