MULE releases 3rd makeup collection for summer





Korea’s celebrity artist Jung Saem Mool has released it’s 3rd season – the MULE Summer Makeup Collection 정샘물 뮬 시즌3. The brand is a collaboration with LG and has created lots of creative convenient makeup! The 3rd season collection has two products that was available in Season 2 ( the Correccealer Balm + makeup brushes ).


So what will the new collection have :




1. MULE Artist Correcealer Balm


This is a foundation + blusher + eye brightener product which has a net which can be found on the new LG stuff like Isa Knox and OHUI. The ‘sift/net’ has two purposes : create a thinner finer foundation for the skin, or it can also be used to control the amount of foundation by swiping the brush on the net.

The pinkish balm can used either as a blusher, or it can also serve as an eye brightener to help brighten your eye area and conceal dark circles.





2. MULE Sun Mirror Base SPF 50+


This is a makeup base which has different usage such as a skintone corrector, a high SPF sunscreen, skincare properties – hydration, sunscreen, primer, pore management, soothing properties etc. It has a fresh light gel lotion kind of texture perfect for summer use!




3. MULE Sun Glass Powder SPF50+





Ahhh, i want to get my hands on these two brushes so badly! These two brushes are to be used with the Correcealer Balm! The puff for the blusher, and the brush for the foundation balm.



Where to get this collection if you’re staying overseas? Wait for our news!


In the mean time, which Korean celebrity make-up or skincare artist brands do you prefer : MULE or Chosungah ? Place your votes below!

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