LG’s MULE to release spring makeup collection + brand introduction ( must read for makeup fans! )




You probably haven’t heard of MULE, but this brand is really popular in Korea especially it’s foundation, because it is by one of the most famous Korean make-up artist that has worked with probably ALL the big names in K-pop – Jung Saem Mool ( visit her youtube channel : here to learn makeup tips! ). Oh, i forgot to mention that she worked together with LG Health Household while producing this brand. MULE stands for Make Your Own Rule


I’ve been eyeing on this product for the longest time but never wrote about it so i figured this would be the best chance! I’ve been longing to try the brand’s star product MULE – Artist Natural Founcealer and it’s such a convenient product because you’ve got the concealer, eye brightener , and foundation all in one box ! On only that – it’s unique packaging ( well not so unique anymore because every other korean cosmetics brand is using it now! ) lets you use it just like an art palette where you can spread the foundation out after pressing it while dipping your brush so you don’t have to dirty the back of your hands!




Credits : here


Check out how she uses this product and the other products from her makeup line on her youtube channel Smile 


Anyway back to the new spring collection makeup !


It will feature

1. MULE The Moisture Cleansing Oil

2. MULE Plant Milk Essence / MULE Artist Essential Primer




2. MULE Artist Correcealer Balm – doesn’t the foundation net looks familiar? Yes, the new OHUI foundation uses the same thing – no surprise here since they’re both LG products! I’m really curious if the net/sieve really makes a difference in making the foundation finer!





3. MULE Artist Curve Brush&Artist Curve Puff

I’m a brush freak so this definitely caught my eye. Have you every seen brushes or sponges in this shape? WANNNNAAA GET THIS!


4. MULE Moist Fixing Powder


It uses undried powder to ensure ultimate moisture. Also uses the Smooth Brilliance Powder and Ruby Mica Mineral Powder.



Purchase them from Gmarket by typing : MULE


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