LG introduces new brand–Morning Veil




LG Health & Household has given us fantastic skincare brands such as The History Of Whoo, Sum37, Sooryehan, Isa Knox, Belif .. and in 2012, they will be releasing another new brand called Morning Veil 모닝베일


The first product to be launched from the brand is the Morning Veil Revital MasCream, which combines both a mask and a cream which keeps the skin moist while exfoliating the skin gently. The concept of this cream comes from the egg shell membrane which is an excellent skin-healer. Egg shell membrane is rich in glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.


Not only that, it contains the patented Gigawhite, a whitening complex as well as other goodies such as organic argan and acai oil, sap complex from bamboo & birch as well as hyaaluronic acid.


The product is now exclusively launched and sold at CJ Mall for 79,000 and comes with a Morning Veil Revital Toner, a brush to apply the product, as well as a box of cotton pads.


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  1. this sounds interesting! was the concept is the same as sleeping mask?
    do u have their website?
    thanks! ;D

  2. so is this like Tony Moly’s latte morning tea pack? i do love that one, but still don’t think i can rely on it as “skincare” per se

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