Mizon introduces Korea’s 1st smart beauty item



Mizon has recently released two new items that are on the ‘mid-high’ category called the Mizon Correct Combo Cream and the Mizon Correct Essential Activator.


The Mizon Correct Combo Cream is a multi functional cosmetic containing colored capsules used in a patented high quality moisture cream. It also uses the multi liposome technology. Claiming to be Korea’s first smart beauty item combining 2 categories of cosmetics : skincare and makeup. It has 3 functions, 6 products combined together, and gives 9 effect on the skin ( therefore called the 3.6.9 system ). The cream contains 30 kinds of skin regenerating and moisturizing ingredients. It delivers skin whitening, wrinkle care, skin firming, moisturizing, pore care and sunblock SPF 25 effect to the skin.




The cream has two features :

1. Skincare – the particles of the cream are smaller than the pores absorbs quickly to supply moisture and nutrition while ceramide forms a natural moisture barrier on skin.

2. Makeup – the colored capsules blends with the cream to give you a naturally flawless skin look.


The main ingredients of the cream are :

Birch Tree Sap : 24 hours moisture which is rich in amino acids. Keeps skin moisturized and protects skin

Ceramide : Natural moisture retaining film. Ceramide is one of the skin lipids constituents. It forms a natural moisture retaining film on skin and smoothens skin.

Moringa Tree : Rich skin nourishing. Contains rich minerals and vitamins that help to make clear and smooth skin.

Coloured Capsules : Patented micro capsules that pop on the skin to give complete skin coverage and smoothens it.




The other product is called the Mizon Correct Essential Activator ( 58,000 wons for 100ml ) which is a skin essence with skin hydrating and smoothing properties. Uses a 2-phase booster moisturizing complex.


Sounds interesting eh? I wonder how it will compare to my favourite Chosungah Raw Dayshu Cream!


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  1. it is only available on sale in Korea right now and they’re not selling it in stores nor their gmarket page too!

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