Missha introduces Tornado Ampule Masks

Missha introduces a new generation of sleeping masks called the Tornado Ampule Mask which comes in 3 versions – Stem Water, Vita C Fruits and White Clay.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the word Ampule / Ampoule especially in Korean cosmetics. They are simply just another version of a serum.

These sleeping masks are called Tornado because there is a mixture of the serum concentrate and the mask in a tornado form. All you have to do is to mix both of it together and apply it before sleep.  See the photo below :



The 3 Masks are paraben free, oil free, GMO ( Gentically Modified Organisms) free.

They have been compared to the infamous Laneige Sleeping Pack but at a much afforable price ( 9,800 wons for 90g )

There are 3 versions – Stem Water ( which uses birch sap, bamboo sap, hyaluronic acid etc ) for hydration , Vita C Fruits for brightening, and the White Clay for oil control , soothing irritated skin.

Say hello to hydrated clear skin when you wake up in the morning.

To purchase, search for 토네이도 앰플 마스크 ( Stem Water ) , 토네이도 앰플 마스크 ( White Clay ) , 토네이도 앰플 마스크 ( Vit C Fruits ) on Gmarket.


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