Strengthen your natural hair colour with Mise En Scene




Proud of your black Asian hair and wanting to enchance it’s natural black colour? Tired of your dyed brown hair and wanting to make it look darker ? Amore Pacific’s hair care line , Mise En Secne, has released a foaming dye to enhance your hair’s natural black colour ( only for those with black hair ) . Meet the Mise En Scene Easy And Fast Dying Foam 쉽고 빠른 거품염색 2N / 3N / 4N.


This dying foam helps to enhance your natural hair colour ( black )  making it look more youthful and beautiful – and it is an express product – which means that it doesn’t need you to go through much hassle and time.


The products come with all the necessary tools :


Credits : Christine




They come in 3 different products ( 2N / 3N / 4N ) , so pick one according to your hair colour.



image   image



Here are the steps :





1. DO NOT apply foam directly on bare hands. Always use the gloves provided.

2. DO NOT apply foam directly on hair.

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  1. Hi, i would like to know the price for this product in HK$ and also would like to know if can i get it in Hong Kong?

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